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In a time where the very idea of the indigenous is on the verge of being lost, Randy Jones is a community leader and an advocate for the revival of the conversation between the modern world and the wisdom of Indigenous Cultures. Sorrowed by the very loss of the wild in modernity, Jones has dedicated much of his life to re-establishing an alliance between the two. Over the last 25 years, he has embarked on an indigenous training which included dynamic studies in mythology, ritual, rhythm, dance and storytelling. He has trained and worked with such renowned teachers as Malidoma Somé, Michael Meade, Daniel Deardorff, Sobonfu Somé, Francis Weller, Stephen Jenkinson, Martín Prechtel, Marion Woodman and Robert Bly. He is skilled in facilitating what has become an increasingly necessary discourse between humans, nature, and the spirit world. He is the author of "Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble."

Daniel Deardorff

Daniel Deardorff

Introduction by Daniel Deardorff, Mythsinger.org, Author of 
"The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture, Psyche." Mythsinger.org

RTJ was called as a "Listener for the Other World" in Africa. His passion is to revive the ancient conversation between nature and the human village. He is a drummer, dancer, poet, and "helper of communities," crossing the thresholds of instinct, intimacy, and inspiration."

collage800Facilitator's Pledge

"My own particular responsibility is to call forth voices, and listen deeply to hear the song that is the source of those “strange steps in jumpy rhythms,” especially voices from the edge—the voice of grief, of longing for the soul to follow its own drummer, the voice of desire for true vocation, the courageous speaker of welcoming, the one whose oratory makes reconciliation, the twisting wisdom of the body which tries to emerge in movement, gesture, feeling, inclination and inspiration, the cry of the wild, hiss of the elements, keening growl of the ancestors, the orchestra of the indigenous soul, those long forgotten urges of the heart to create beauty and sing the song of ecstasy, the deep wisdom of myth and the storyteller’s croaking poetry:  the discarded, undervalued, and forgotten."


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