Previous Consultation, Program Design, Program Leadership:

Mentor @ — Interactive Play-Formance Troupe, Vancouver, B.C. (Current)
Member of Admin Team — Facebook Group Shamanic Community / 20,000 members (Current)

Shunda Creek Wilderness Addiction Treatment Center – Myth and Ritual workshop for young men
Pearson College, United World Colleges – Year closing Ceremony

Pearson Summer Youth Leadership Program – End of Program Pilgrimage Walk
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver – weekend staff teamwork program
Native Education College – Where is your genius? workshop
Simon Fraser University – Presentation on Shamanic Cosmology in Religious Studies class
Lucas Education Center – Life skills and Educational upgrade program development, facilitation
Aids Vancouver – Body awareness program development
Watari Youth Program – Peer counseling program development and facilitation
Community Media Education Society – Board Member, program development
Independent Community Television – Producer, Volunteer training development
Wondertree Education Society – Conceptual development for new high school program
Eaton Coull Learning Group – Research, design, writing for Self Advocacy video project
Ellen Hughes Consulting – Executive assistance
Skwah First Nation – Youth training program development, facilitation
Intention community – assistance with grief – program design, facilitation
Young Men's Weekend Adventure Society of B.C. – Volunteer
Young Men's Action Weekend – Volunteer, program design and leadership
Movers and Shakers Group – Program design, facilitation

Producer/Director "Odyssey: A Journey of Growth—Not a War on Drugs" 28 minutes
Best Documentary—Western Canada Community Television Awards, 1992] MnEleph

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