Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern TroubleCoverRandy Jan27JPEG“Medicine Without an Expiry Date argues fiercely for the reclamation of our own indigenous intelligence. The book weaves an intricate fabric of perception, melding personal experiences with indigenous ritual, stories of initiation, and a deep exploration of what Jones calls storycarrying. He includes discussions of the wisdom of the body, emotional intelligence, the nature of education, and a look into the practical value of the wild mythic imagination. Intended as a combination of “teaching harangue,” poetry, field notes, and guidebook, it defies simple categorization: it is sui generis, without genre, “of its own kind.”  .  .  .  a walk between two worlds, authored by one who received the name “Calls Forth Voices” from the Dreamtime, contributing an understanding and deep connection with the elemental knowledge of the indigenous into the personal, social and environmental domains of the modern.”
~ From the Introduction by Malidoma Somé PhD, Dagara Elder and Diviner, author “Of Water and the Spirit” and “The Healing Wisdom of Africa”
Cover Art Rob Ramage /Cover Photo Jean Cueta /Cover Design Calyx Kuprowski /Inside Photo Michael Julian Berz /512 pages . . . Forthcoming Spring 2014 from Foursquare Trinity Press 


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Why Dragons Think Glitter is Theirs
“The poetry of Randy Jones comes weeping and raging, raving and crooning; out of the night, erupting abruptly into the circle of our awareness; suddenly the world is wider and wilder than we had thought, and there be dragons for sure.”
~ From the Introduction by Daniel Deardorff, Author of “The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Psyche, Culture”
DragonG120Cover Drawing Little Woo
Cover Art Rob Ramage
Cover Design Calyx Kuprowski
Cover Photo Jean Cueta
120 pages . . . Forthcoming Spring 2014 from Foursquare Trinity Press

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