Individual Work

paintingAn indigenous mythological idea is that illness, trouble and grief are a sacred state This supposes that, more than repairing a “machine, an assembly of parts,” healing involves image, imagination, emotion, spirit and heart. A person can work in the physical dimension using modern allopathic medicine against an illness. But even the modern world is recognizing that the emotional and spiritual dimensions of illness affect a healing process. One of the natural things to do when the storms of the cosmos are playing out in the microcosm of a person is to visit a “technician of the sacred.”
My areas of special ability are in the following realms:
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Purpose
  • Orientation within Initiatory Passages
  • Homecoming from Extreme Experiences
  • Ancestral Peacemaking 
TreeHell160I encourage anyone to consider working in the vibrant and rich environment of a weekend program when they are ready for it. As I continue to emphasize, the indigenous wisdom recognizes that in terms of a systemic ecology, one person’s challenges look like the showing part of an iceberg, which has 9/10ths hidden under the surface of the water. It means that the source of the difficulty is NOT only personal, but in the dynamics of community. In a group setting, these dynamics show and can be worked with in a ritual fashion. But it is also true that many times some circumstances make it a good choice to work individually. 
Dryer160If that is your choice, here is a brief description of the process. First of all, we will have a short consultation on the phone for 15 to 30 minutes so I can get an understanding of the outline of what you are facing. Then we will meet where we have a fire available, and other elemental tools. Using more conversation, I will listen and also listen for what is under the surface from the ancestral world and the spirit world. Sometimes this looks like a divination, and sometimes, the divination is done by the imagery of dreams or stories you hold. These provide the building blocks to creating a ritual process which lets the psyche come back into integration and completeness. At various times I might use internal dialogue coaching, embodiment coaching, and transpersonal counseling. I am also going to suggest techniques you can use to strengthen new found and rediscovered abilities. Each session is a complete step and we will follow up as needed. An in-depth session like this usually takes two to three hours.
womansamurai60Read about how one woman went through a ritual process of strengthening her boundaries and becoming more open at the same time.

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