FULL DAY IMMERSION in Indigenous Ritual: Reconciliation Between the Genders: The Great Song of Longing

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Starts:  Sat, October 17, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Ends:  at 10:30 PM

Park House



The modern imagination or popularization holds tantra to be an exotic formula for connection and intimacy. The word itself means “expanding liberation,” and historically the practice was an affirmation of the reality of the Earthly, and an approval for worldly life as a path to the divine. Activated in this context, we will journey today applying indigenous tools of community healing—storytelling, myth, co-creative discussion and ritual—to create a transformative crucible which will share blessings and healing between the masculine and the feminine. True peace necessitates the deep listening required to let wholeness emerge eco-logically, with wildnessintact, in a container made safe, whether in the overall culture or the realm of personal interactions. We will journey together along this most lovely and challenging road toward the making of a healing moment that can reverberate out to the entire village.

This is a full action packed day beginning promptly at 9:30 am with an introduction to the territory of gender from an indigenous perspective, and an introduction to each other. No prior experience is necessary. We will break for lunch, and then in the afternoon start building toward the experiential ritual in the evening custom designed with everyone’s participation. Join with good people like you who are longing to bridge spirituality with the practical, wishing to build community and sustainability, aspiring to a deep communication with emotion, intuition, and body, needing to take creative action, wanting a closer relationship with nature, and working with the desire to bring their gift into the world.

Park House, 2335 West 51st Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Early Bird $185 — Until 7 days early (June 6)
Regular $245 — Before event begins
With Scholarship $145 —phone to request

The facilitator of this weekend is the author of "Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble." Randy was called as a "Listener for the Other World" in Africa. His passion is to revive the ancient conversation between nature and the human village. He is a drummer, dancer, poet, and "helper of communities," crossing the thresholds of instinct, intimacy, and inspiration. 

Lori Watt @778-861-6185

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