WORKSHOP Indigenous Knowledge Research Seminar in SASKATOON—BodyWise: Intro to facilitation of free expression in motion

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Starts:  Sun, September 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM
Ends:  at 5:00 PM

Ancient Spirals Retreat


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Join the Discussion on Facebook Here!


Come prepared for a day of movement, exploration and discovery as we get introduced to some expression tools that are shamanic in origin, but found mostly in the modern world hiding in the world of theatre training. Our expression gets internally “edited” by our allegiances to approved social behaviors and personal history. Exploring the boundaries of these is a delight and a stretch for each person in their own way.

We will begin at 9:00 am with introductions and an orientation to the arena of material we will explore in the day. We will move quickly into experiential movement and each person participates at their own level. No prior experience is necessary. We will break for lunch, and then in the afternoon explore more with a view to taking away some practical integrations and idea about future exploration and development of what has been learned in the day. Join with good people like you who are longing to bridge spirituality with the practical, wishing to build community and sustainability, aspiring to a deep communication with emotion, intuition, and body, needing to take creative action, wanting a closer relationship with nature, and working with the desire to bring their gift into the world.

This workshop will be held at the beautiful Ancient Spirals Retreat and includes lunch and snacks.

Early Bird $175 — Until 14 days early
Regular $225 — Before event begins
With Scholarship $125 —phone to request

The facilitator of this weekend is the author of “Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble.” Randy was called as a “Listener for the Other World” in Africa. His passion is to revive the ancient conversation between nature and the human village. He is a drummer, dancer, poet, and “helper of communities,” crossing the thresholds of instinct, intimacy, and inspiration.

Vancouver call Afua Tiah McLaren @ 306.203.2689 or Patti Lindgren Gera 306.653.2993

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