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Calling240Droplets40“As the lead facilitator for our Boys and Men Rite-of-Passage journeys, I am aware of many programs and program leaders that toot their horns about affecting “authentic” and “real” change amongst their clients and participants. Most of the time, I am disappointed in their work and discover that most of them have borrowed processes and do not fully understand the meaning of “ritual” and “ceremony.” In a world that has suffered from loss of rituals and watering down of ceremonies, Jones is a breath of fresh air. His depth of wisdom and his clarity of focus is beautiful.”
~ Forrest Melton, Executive Director of ALIVE adventures and YES! Youth Empowerment Services

Droplets40“. . . an amazing ritualist. He sees, feels, hears and assists the ancestors working through us as we inhabit the temporary ground of our ritual space. He is kind, spirited and intuitive in his capacity as a facilitator.”
L.R. Massage Therapist

Droplets40“. . .  consistently truthful, compassionate, and well-versed in shamanic ritual. He establishes a sacred space in which the unspeakable can be spoken. I have left meetings with an honored perspective that fits who I am.”
D.F. Addictions Counselor


Unicorn240Droplets40“Our grief ritual was a weekend filled with gems. His ability to work with others and take them to the place they needed to go, in a gentle yet firm way was just amazing. He has always know what I am needing and able to help me get clear on matters in a way that no one can do but him. He is trustworthy.”
A.J. Licensed Massage Therapist

Droplets40“Jones is able to create a safe, intimate and authentic space while maintaining a real leadership role within a ritual. He is a terrific storyteller and poet as well.”
Al Polito, Director, Lifeluster Spiritual Services

Droplets40“He has always found some time, within a ritual, to guide me through my experience, and as I see him connecting with everyone, the group bonds in a new renewed spirit. Beginning to end, he is nonstop, and on it.”
From the heart, N.D. General contractor


Village240Droplets40“His ability to connect modern experience with ancient mythology, make him a wonderful ally to have on your spiritual journey. Jones is expert at guiding others through their confusing experiences of grief, anger, ecstasy and the whole array of human emotion. The space he creates allows people to find their way to the true nature of things and then, through their own interpretation, express themselves in a healing way. . . the same way we humans have been doing since we first started talking to each other.”
A.G.B. Former Captain US Army

Droplets40“His most powerful language is ritual, and through his rituals he has bonded my community in ways we did not believe possible”
G. F.  Former Captain USAF

Droplets40“I am the event coordinator for Banyen Books and Sound, and have known Jones for over 10 years. He is a conscientious and careful organizer, and we have no hesitations in notifying our customers of his events through the store.”
Michael Bertrand, Event Co-ordinator Emeritus, Banyen Books and Sound

Droplets40“When I experienced the gift of Randy’s medicine in his Reconciliation of the Genders weekend last fall, a shift occurred in my being so deeply that I feel it will last a life time. My authentic power and natural intelligence are coming online. Making this connection is our doorway to the multi-faceted genius of humanity and living in harmony with the elements of nature. Randy’s knowledge, and the ways he applies it, are “just on time” for a mad, mad world.  What could possibly be a better guide for how to be here as humans in these most existentially dire of times than the leadership of earth and spirit?
~ P.G., Event Producer


Storm240Droplets40“The individual session that Randy led me through was done with utmost care and respect. It was a ‘letting go’ ritual in which I was able to set free past emotional attachment to people I was no longer involved with. Through this process I was able to move away from limiting emotional patterns. I felt a fresh sense of enthusiasm for my life, and I was able to move on to new and exciting challenges. As a Registered Nurse I recognize the significance of the work that he does. Our community is only as healthy as the individuals who comprise the community.”
K.E. Registered Nurse

Droplets40“I came to Randy a number of years ago for help with a particular problem. He listened without judgment, using compassion and his specific wisdom. Together we created a ritual which incorporated all the elements of my problem, all the aspects that needed healing. We performed the ritual together, and he was very ‘present’, very focused, through it all. By the end, I was dancing and I have never leaped so high! It is a form of magic, really, how the elements will come together. I urge you to give the energies a chance to come together in this specific healing way also. And I assure you, if you give them a chance they will. If you are unsure how to proceed, ask him. He is as skilled, and kind, a practitioner as you are likely to find.”
J.N. Industrial Technician

Droplets40“Since I began volunteering at KNTV, he has consistently shown me encouragement and support even when others didn’t have the same faith in my abilities”
ST, KNTV Volunteer


DragonatDesk240Droplets40“He is extremely creative and very adept at highlighting the learning involved in any situation—he capitalizes on “teachable moments.” In addition, he has exceptional skills in the development and implementation of programs . . . a clear commitment to creating first class learning situations.”
Mary Anne Crabtree, Program Director, Odyssey Substance Abuse Program

Droplets40“Jones has a unique and astounding ability to conceptualize and organize free-flowing ideas . . . On numerous occasions he would present outlines and insights into previous meetings that included details, patterns, and overviews that were invaluable.”
Brent Cameron, Director/Founder Wondertree Education Society 

Droplets40“Among his accomplishments were the creation of a compelling new volunteer orientation and introduction to the power of journalism as storytelling, assistant production coordinator for one of our most successful and longest running shows where he successfully coordinated the efforts of 15 volunteers, training instructor for First Nations youth, and the creation of The Bionic Eye, a written guide for community television volunteers.”
Andrew LithgowExecutive Director, Independent Community Television


Driving240Droplets40“Jones is a bright spot. As an interviewer, he made me feel a little bigger than I really am.”
J. V. (Jay) Powell, Emeritus Associate Professor of Anthropology, UBC.

Droplets40“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by him about my book Trail to Heaven about my field work with the Beaver Indians.”
Robin Riddington, Professor of Anthropology UBC

Droplets40“Congratulations! The video is terrific! [ Odyssey: A Journey of Growth, Not a War on Drugs ]
Rick Ryan, Executive Director, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Greater Vancouver

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